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Everything Is Transformed: Sustainable Accessories with Salima Chaieb

By Alexandra Brousset

Our latest collaboration with Moroccan fashion designer Salima Chaieb weaves together our two greatest passions (beyond creating effective and enchanting skincare, of course!): spotlighting global craftsmanship and leaving a lighter footprint on our planet.

When it comes to sustainability, we believe that the global Beauty industry can do much better. It’s why we’ve committed to a Lighter Footprint philosophy to keep what we do as planet-friendly, low-impact and cruelty-free as we can (read more about exactly how here).

Moroccan fashion designer Salima Chaieb feels the same way. In a world where fashion horror stories – dumping unworn clothes in landfill, churning out fast fashion, and trashing unused fabric – are all too common, Chaieb is taking a stand by breathing new life into leftover materials as part of her “Nothing Is Left, Everything Is Transformed” (NIELT) initiative.

We love her way of thinking – so we’ve teamed up with Chaieb to create a limited-edition, zero-waste scrunchie produced according to NIELT. 

Each scrunchie is unique and is designed using Moroccan fabrics that would otherwise be destined for the scrap heap – so whether you wear yours as an accessory or to hold back your hair during your daily skincare ritual, you’ll carry a little piece of good karma with you.

You might also recognize Chaieb’s whimsical, flowing pieces from our debut skincare shoot in Morocco. She’s part of our Spotlight series, a showcase that shines a light on creators who deserve a wider audience and to spread their magic around the world.

“My inspiration comes first from my cultural heritage. Being a Moroccan woman, I’m inspired by all the fabrics, embroideries and patterns that are part of my country’s identity.  I love to work with both Bzioui and Jawhara fabrics and Fez and Sale embroideries, and patterns and colors inspired by Zellije [tiles] can be found in some of my creations.” - Salima Chaieb (read more in our interview here)

As well as Moroccan craftsmanship, Chaieb finds Beauty and inspiration in the strength and independence of women around the world. The two strands find harmony in her NIELT initiative, where independent female artisans use scrap fabric from her designs to create Moroccan rugs – preserving and promoting their expertise as well as Chaieb’s zero-waste ethos.

Together, we’re proud to be sharing her creativity and her philosophy with the world – and for a limited time only, we’re including one of our whind x Salima Chaieb scrunchies with every whind product you purchase. Head to our Collections and add a scrunchie to your cart along with your whind products to enjoy your special to enjoy your special gift from us (while stocks last).

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