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Ingredient spotlight: Argan Oil

By Sophie Green

The warm, toasted scent of Argan Oil is immediately evocative of Morocco – if you put the country in a bottle, this would be it – while its intensely hydrating powers make it a treasured part of skincare rituals the world over.

Argan Oil, or "liquid gold", is a tried-and-tested cornerstone of Moroccan Beauty rituals that has been passed down through the generations. Known as the most luxurious of Moroccan oils thanks to its powerhouse combination of hydrating, regenerating and softening effects, a dash of Argan Oil is akin to feathering the sun-glossed light of a Marrakech dawn over your complexion, with a lasting, dewy glow to match.


What is Argan Oil?

This naturally occurring oil is derived from the kernels of the fruit of the Argan tree, which is native to Morocco, as anyone who’s walked through the sun-dappled, dusky-green Argan groves of its hillsides can attest. Argan Oil has been used for skincare and Beauty rituals, as well as for its supposed healing properties and in cooking, by Amazigh people for centuries.


How will it make me feel?

Thick like syrup, golden like the dawn and earthy like sun-baked soil, the indulgent touch of Argan Oil on your skin is akin to the feeling of basking in the foothills of the Moroccan mountains, breathing in the crushed-almond scent of the trees and lingering in the sweet relief of the shade.


What is argan oil good for?

Argan Oil is one of the most nutrient-dense oils, revered for its hydrating, regenerating, restructuring and softening properties. Argan oil has multiple benefits for your face, thanks to its combination of linoleic and oleic fatty acids that sink quickly into the skin for deep, long-lasting hydration, and it’s also rich in vitamin E and antioxidants. Moroccan women also swear by Argan as a way to protect their skin from sun damage, which has been backed up by scientific studies – meaning that as well as helping to prevent hyperpigmentation, Argan Oil can also have an anti-aging effect. Despite being an oil, its sebum-reducing qualities mean that it’s as suitable for oilier skins as it is for drier complexions.


How do I use Argan Oil?

We use Argan Oil that is cold-pressed from organic kernels native to Morocco, infusing it a variety of our potent skincare products, including our melting night cream. Its luxurious, deeply hydrating touch is our secret for Beauty sleep, leaving your skin with a luminous, moon-lit glow by morning.


Find it in:

Marrakech Light, Sahara Silk and Kasbah Moonlight.

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