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Ingredient spotlight: decadent Desert Date Oil

By Alexandra Brousset

When cold-pressed into an oil, the delicious, sticky-sweet fruit of the hallowed Desert Date shrub forms a powerful antioxidant that magically nourishes, strengthens and protects.

The Desert Date fruit has been revered by populations in its native Africa and Asia for centuries, with local people considering it a sacred tree thanks to its role as a source of food, a healing plant, a fuel and material for building. It was also found in the tombs of the Pharaohs of Egypt and traded for gold. Today, in its oil form this deliciously decadent fruit is better known as an antioxidant powerhouse that sinks into skin to set your natural glow alight.

What actually is it?

Otherwise known as Balanites Roxburghii Seed oil, Desert Date Oil is derived from the Desert Date palm shrub that grows in drier regions in Africa and Asia. A robust, hardy tree with powerful roots that reach deep into the desert soil, its oil is extracted from the seeds of its slightly sweet, slightly bitter fruit and can be used as a cleanser. It also offers a sustainable alternative to Argan oil in areas where Argan may be overharvested.

Where do you source it?

As part of our Lighter Footprint commitment, we source our Desert Date Oil from a supplier in Sub-Sahelian Africa that is dedicated to long-term sustainability, following strict specifications with regards to the environment, socio-economic impact and product quality. Women are the pillars of the supply chain, with a number of scholarships given to help train them to harvest the precious crop, and an “agroecological” approach not only takes care of the soil, the plant, the animal or the human being, but also considers all the elements of the ecosystem and social system.

How will it make me feel?

The feather-light touch of Desert Date Oil will leave you feeling as bright, unblemished and glowing as Marrakech at dawn.

What does it do, though?

Packed with fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-9, antioxidants and vitamin E, Desert Date Oil is known for its ability to even skin tone, strengthen the moisture barrier, improve skin's elasticity and protect from environmental factors

How do I use it?

Just like its far-reaching roots seek water deep within the desert soil, its oil is fast-penetrating and soaks into the skin like a dream. Those with oilier skin types need not fear, as Desert Date Oil also has a surprisingly dry touch, leaving a non-greasy sheen and a radiant, gorgeous glow.

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