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Introducing... Oasis Fresh

By Alexandra Brousset

We all know that cleansers are the non-negotiable core of your Beauty routine. That’s why when it came to creating our own, we wanted to give this Beauty essential the starring role it deserves in renewing, reviving and prepping your skin. 

Inspired by the desert oasis, Oasis Fresh Dissolving Jelly Cleanser has arrived to take its rightful place at the forefront of your daily ritual: a powerful, non-stripping cleanser that’s pH formulated, gentle, and packed with powerhouse ingredients.

What is it?

We’ve infused our rich, non-stripping jelly cleanser with Niacinamide, Vitamin C and Orange Blossom Water to gently lift dirt, dissolve make-up and unclog pores, revealing a bright, sun-glazed complexion. We’ve also formulated it so it’s close to the pH of your skin, making it gentler and less likely to cause irritation, redness or breakouts.

What’s in it?

At the heart of Oasis Freshis our gentle Sucracleanse Complex, a combination of natural sugar-based surfactants. This is then super-charged with clarifying and plumping Niacinamide, illuminating and protecting Vitamin C, and hyper hydrator Glycerin.

Niacinamide, a form of Vitamin B – and one of our favourite ingredients – boosts collagen and reduces sebum production, niftily preventing future breakouts. Antioxidant hero Vitamin C helps protect your skin from environmental aggressors and has an anti-aging effect, and the unmistakable scent of Orange Blossom floats you away to the tranquillity of a Moroccan garden in summer. 

For no stripping, no tightness and no residue, Oasis Fresh is also infused with a high concentration of Glycerin, the superstar of skin-smoothing hydrators. It locks in moisture to prevent the cleansing process from stripping the skin's protective layer. And where Hyaluronic Acid works on the surface of the skin, Glycerin penetrates deep within for an even more moisturizing effect. What a dreamy duo.

How do I use it?

Formulated with highly effective yet gentle Sucracleanse Complex, the luxurious jelly melts instantly into a milk. Designed to be just the right consistency – not dripping, not too thick – just squeeze a liberal amount of the jelly cleanser into your palm and smooth over either dry or damp skin. Lather into a foam before dissolving with warm water and rinsing.

How will it transport me? 

Just like the oasis gives new life amid the parched desert sands, Oasis Fresh leaves your skin feeling powerfully hydrated, fresh and sun-glazed, without feeling stripped, tight or with lingering residue. The result is a blossom-blushed complexion and a healthy glow that sparkles like light reflected from a desert pool. 

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