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Moroccan skincare secrets you need to know

By whind voices

Drawing on a history of rich natural resources and a heritage of beauty rituals, Morocco is brimming with skin care secrets. Here are some of our favorite hero products passed down for generations to help you achieve that fresh, sunlit glow.

Beldi Soap

A mainstay of Moroccan hammams, Beldi soap is high-alkaline soap made from olive oil, which gives it a gel-like consistency. Frequently used in body-masking treatments, Beldi soap is ace at cleansing (opening pores) and exfoliating. Its cleansing powers are often upgraded to mood-boosting, when mixed with soothing orange blossom water, uplifting eucalyptus, relaxing lavender.  


Smooth, glowy skin starts with a serious exfoliation. A traditional hammam experience involves Beldi soap, Rhassoul Clay and Argan oil, but what you’ll most remember from the experience is the exfoliation. Often involving a special exfoliation mitt, the kissa, it’s an intense process, sloughing away layers of dead skin to reveal supremely soft, rejuvenated skin. If you’re using an exfoliation mitt at home, once a week should be enough to see results. You can watch the dead skin washing away down the drain along with any worry and anxiety.

Mask up with Rhassoul Clay

Derived from the Atlas Mountains, Rhassoul Clay helps draw out impurities, detox pores and balance sebum production in the skin. Applied after exfoliation, the clay is said to help boost skin clarity and reduce dryness. Applied on hair, it absorbs impurities from the scalp and hydrates the hair for purified smooth silky hair.

“Applied after exfoliation, the clay is said to help boost skin clarity and reduce dryness. Applied on hair, it absorbs impurities from the scalp and hydrates the hair for purified smooth silky hair.”

Oils are essential

Silky, lightweight oils are your beauty BFF. Referred to as “liquid gold,” Argan oil is beloved for its nourishing powers, which makes it a must-have for skin - and hair. Derived from cactus, prickly pear seed oil is packed with Vitamin E and super hydrating.

Rose water

In addition to the delicate floral aroma, rose water is a skin salve. Beloved for its anti-inflammatory properties, rose water is said to soothe fatigued skin, reduce redness and help purify the skin. Use as a toner, to boost your face mask, or add a splash of hydration.

Orange blossom

More commonly used to freshen up cold drinks or enhance honey sweets, Orange blossom is also beloved for its skin-balancing, toning and brightening properties. Use it profusely as a toner in your morning or night routine, or all day long as a glow-enhancing mist.

Poppy flower petal powder

(also known as Fassi lipstick, which means lipstick from Fez). Luxe bright red poppy petals are crushed to obtain a tiny amount of vibrant red powder. This powder is commonly used after the hammam to give the skin a rosy glow. For daily use, rub a small amount on lips and cheeks for fresh, sun-kissed radiance.

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