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A study in texture, light and color, the Moroccan aesthetic instantly transports one to another world. What has become a synonym for Bohemian-Luxe, began as a cultural melting pot, combining Amazigh, Arabic, French, Spanish as well as African influences.


Fittingly, the designers behind some of the country’s loveliest properties come from all over the world to provide their own twist on traditional Moroccan style. Below, is a collection of the inspiring creators we love to follow along with on Instagram.

Soufiane Aissouni

The self-styled “interior stylist” gives us a look into a maze of interiors. Marrakech-based Soufiane spotlights his life, his work and his favorite design “jams” throughout his sepia-tinged feed. - @soufianeaissouni

Merryanne Loum-Martin

Owner of Jnane Tamsna, a serene boutique hotel in Marrakech. The formidable proprietress gives a sneak peek at life behind the hotel. - @meryanneinspired

Nicolo Castellini Baldissera

Author of Hind’s all time favorite table book and dream house inspo INSIDE TANGIER, Nicolo offers a fabulous and eclectic vision of interior design, in Morocco and beyond. - @nicolocastellinibaldissera

Philomena Schurer Merckoll

The brains behind Riad Mena in Marrakech, Philomena’s art-infused account is filled with abstract interiors, globe-hopping escapades and the inherent beauty of Morocco. - @philomenaschurermerckoll

Willem Smit

As General Manager of the inimitable El Fenn hotel in Marrakech, Dutch designer Willem Smit remixed the Moroccan aesthetic with a northern European twist. Smit’s latest venture relocated him to Essaouira, where he opened Mabrouka, a feat of modern design with hard angles, stone walls, and a divine infinity pool set amidst an olive grove. - @______willem__smit

Valerie Barkowski

Owner and designer of Dar Kawa Riad, Valerie’s feed is a testimonial to her global influences. The Belgian designer celebrates slow living and top quality textiles in her property located in the Marrakech medina. - @valeriebarkowski

Tag us on the profiles of your favorite Moroccan designers on Instagram @whind - we’re always keeping an eye on your comments.


"What has become a synonym for Bohemian-Luxe, began as a cultural melting pot..."



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