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Morocco like a local: Sara

By whind

We caught up with global nomad, Sara, to find out what she misses most when she’s traveling. Born in Meknes, Sara has moved every three to five years and has lived in seven cities across five countries. She currently calls Dubai home. Read on to get an inside look at her Morocco.

Describe Morocco in one word:


If Morocco was an emotion, it would be...

Longing, the place I always miss the minute I am away

... a sound?

Chaabi music, so lively that you can't help but show your moves at a wedding, or in your car...

... a color?

Blue, for the amazing sky throughout the year. It's a perfect way to shift to positive thoughts and put things in perspective.

... a scent?

Rose Water always reminds me of my Mom's beauty rituals, and comforts me.

... a taste?

Sweet and salty - my favourite dish is apricot tagine with almonds.

... a texture?

Clay - I love the feeling on my skin.

... a pattern?

Red and green.

... a movement?

The summer nights breeze that makes the curtains dance and caresses my legs.

"It is a perfect way to shift to positive thoughts, and put things in perspective..."


Most magical place in Morocco

The beaches around El Jadida: the Ocean feels wilder [around there], so it is a great spot for meditating and connecting with nature.

Most cherished memories

Sunday family picnics during springtime in Ifrane, next to the waterway.

Best spot to sip Mint Tea

La Sqala in Casablanca

One place I'm dying to go

Dades Gorges.

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"The Ocean feels wilder... so it is a great spot for meditating and connecting with nature..."

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