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The Cleanser You Can't Glow Without

5 Reasons to Try Our Award-Winning Oasis Fresh

1. pH Balanced Cleanser for Insanely Soft and Hydrated Skin

Some cleansers can leave your skin feeling a bit tight and stripped - Oasis Fresh is different, not only does it melt away makeup, it is also infused with hydrating Glycerin to help skin stay balanced and hydrated.

2. Enhance Your Glow With Vitamin C Everytime You Cleanse

Formulated with skincare superstars Niacinamide and Vitamin C to clarify and brighten skin.

"The Bentley of cleansers!
This cleanser is such a dream to use! The texture is such a melting delight and my skin always looks and feels clean but plump and hydrated after using this! Definitely a repurchase and top shelf product for me!" - Nae

3. Hydrating Cleanser Boosts Skin Moisture Barrier

Oasis Fresh is pH balanced and non-stripping, powered by gentle sugar based surfactants so skin remains soft, clean and healthy without feeling tight or dry.

4. It's Mood Boosting

The scent of Orange Blossom is perfect to awaken your senses, whilst the luxurious texture makes cleansing a moment of delight.

5. It's Loved by Our Customers

"Honestly the smell, consistency, quality, how this leaves my skin feeling is just top top top. I’ve had so many different cleansers (two years of beauty advent calendars will do that to you!) and some more than three times the price and I have to say this is my favourite. Highly recommended." - Leila

"This is my new favourite cleanser, I love how it leaves my skin super bright and clean, but still soft and plump. So many cleanser's I've used have left my skin feeling dry, this is the opposite my skin feels more hydrated with every wash!" - Mrs B

"I've realised a cleanser can do so much more than simply remove make up and clean my skin.
Not only is Oasis Fresh very effective at taking off the day, it also leaves my skin feeling beautifully moisturised, with a dewy glow and softness that lasts for hours." - Sophie

"This cleanser is amazing - it leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. My skin also looks brighter after using it consistently - which is amazing as I use less make-up now." - Nayla

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Powerful, yet non-stripping cleansing. A pH balanced jelly cleanser for clean, bright, hydrated skin.

Suitable for: All Skin Types

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Experience The Glow Yourself

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