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Where is the soul of Beauty?

There seems to be a sea of clinically cold solutions, all promising a 'new and improved you' by way of austere and disciplined regimes. Their approach? To highlight a fault and present a cure. It's all head and no heart.

whind is an antidote to this joyless perspective.

We believe in something more soulful: making Beauty highly effective through joy. It's why we formulate with Warm Science™ - a combination of high performance actives and sensorial ingredients from sun-kissed climes. A very potent form of alchemy that transforms laborious skincare regimes into rituals so enjoyable you'll indulge in them consistently, ensuring superior results.

Journey to the light

Our glow-giving skin care products are scientifically proven, yet seductively sensual.

Their tantalising textures and evocative fragrances transport those who walk barefoot in the sand and dance high-heeled under the stars to a magical place of warmth and light.

Our philosophy is that, when science is applied with warm indulgence, it results in a joyful glow that is clear to see. Beauty that is felt within, and seen without.

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