The story of whind is intertwined with my own.

It was in the sun-lit medinas and fragrant hammams of my native Morocco where I learned about the importance of joyful Beauty rituals that indulged the senses.

As I grew older, my wanderlust led me to Europe and North America, where I began what would become a 20-year long career working for some of the world's most illustrious Beauty houses.

Here, I embraced the science of skincare and eagerly anticipated each progressive leap, along with the possibilities it brought.

A warmer vision of Beauty

Until, one day, I realised that I was missing the warmth of how Beauty used to feel. Functionality had been elevated at the expense of joy: Beauty had become cold, homogenised, soulless.

I was inspired to create a new path, one that used the power of modern science to create extremely effective formulas that were imbued with sensorial ingredients from sun-kissed climes, and left only the lightest footprint on the world.

whind embodies a new kind of Beauty.

One that is both effective and evocative. It's high performing actives have the proven ability to transform, while it's tantalising textures and evocative fragrances magically transport those who walk barefoot in the sand and dance high-heeled under the stars to lands blessed with warm golden light.


Join me on this beautiful journey to sun-kissed climes. Let’s see where the whind takes us. No passport required. - Love, Hind

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