• Origins

Meet Hind

Founded by Hind Sebti, whind is a brand rooted in two halves of her own story, from growing up in Morocco, a country surrounded by Beauty and filled with ancestral rituals and natural, sensorial ingredients where beauty is also about self-care, combined with over 20 years in the beauty industry working with an impressive list of house-hold names where Hind learnt another kind of beauty, an ingredient-based beauty built upon science.

“Morocco taught me from a very young age that Beauty is first and foremost an emotion – core to our humanity in how it makes us look, but most importantly how it makes us feel. As I grew up and evolved in the this beautiful industry, I realised that the soul of beauty has taken a back seat to functionality, a sea of sameness where beauty products have become all head and no heart, losing a bit of what makes Beauty truly magical – an enjoyable holistic experience that uplifts both inside and out. This inspired me to bring two of my personal stories together for products that marry efficacy and experience: the science proven efficacy of modern formulations AND the time tested naturality and sensoriality of Morocco to create high performing products that you will actually enjoy using every day. A ritual to look forward to, for that perfect Moroccan Golden Hour glow.

  • Our skin and body care perfectly capture the warmth and radiance of Morocco’s Golden Hour as potent actives infuse with divinely sensorial textures, for a glow you can see and feel.

  • Our intoxicating fine fragrances bottle the mystery and elegance of Morocco and provide the passport for your mind to be transported to faraway lands or, reunite you with warm memories.

  • More than sensational beautiful products to enjoy every day, I dreamt of a brand for people like me, a global citizen, who are from somewhere, but belong everywhere. Dreamers, storytellers, that are embracing their beautiful contradictions, equally at ease dancing barefoot in the sand, or high heeled under the stars.

More than products, more than a brand, a destination for our community. I chose the name whind exactly because it embodies that desire of creating a warm, positive community. The name was first inspired by the “soft movements of Morocco”, from the wind in the dune or the breeze in palm trees. We chose wind and merged it with my name, Hind. In Arabic, “w” means ‘with’ and I loved that idea that it means “with Hind” and have the community in the DNA of the brand. 

I hope that you enjoy the journey of discovery into the House of whind, and that you love it as much as we do.”

Love, Hind