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Ingredients Glossary

whind products are formulated according to our Warm Science philosophy: a combination of high performance actives and sensorial ingredients from sun-kissed climes. This unique alchemy of ingredients is what makes them work so potently. Discover more about the ingredients that we blend into our products and how they help you capture a glow that radiates from the soul, outwards.

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  • AHA

    Alpha Hydroxy Acid AHAs are a well-known class of chemical exfoliants with a small molecule size that penetrates deep into the skin’s surface, boosting skin-cell renewal and dissolving dull, dead skin cells. AHA’s are incredibly effective at reducing the appearance of uneven texture and tone, revealing brighter, more even-looking skin. Although effective, they can be irritating and cause sensitivity at high percentages which is why we have paired them with repairing PHAs and soothing actives for a non-stinging, skin-renewing experience.

    Found in: Kasbah Stars



    A soothing and humectant ingredient which softens and protects the skin, as well as aiding in the healing of wounds.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Aloe Vera Juice

    Known for its soothing properties, Aloe vera juice helps boost skin regeneration, soothing the skin for a healthy-looking, refreshed glow.

    Found in: Oasis Veil


    Antioxidant Marine Complex

    Our Antioxidant Marine Complex is a unique blend of two kinds of glow-boosting Micro-Algae; Red Algae and Dunaliella Salina Extract both with powerful antioxidant properties and the ability to shield the skin against glow-damaging free radicals and inflammatory external aggressors that make the skin appear dull or tired, improving skin radiance and leaving the skin with a bright, luminous glow. 

    Found in: Oasis Splash


    Aqua [Water]

    The most essential compound, composed of hydrogen and oxygen. Necessary for the health of the epidermis.

    Found in: Sahara Silk



    Dark spots come from pigments that are produced in cells called melanocytes, which contain enzymes called tyrosinase.

    That’s where Arbutin comes in, this skin-brightening active blocks tyrosinase and targets pigmentation and dark spots on the skin, effectively fading them while preventing them from forming on the skin. Combined with Vitamin C, this provides potent brightening results on all skin tones.

    Found in: Oasis Bright

    Argania spinosa kernel (Argan) oil

    One of the most nutrient-dense oils, loved for its hydrating, regenerating, resurfacing and skin-softening benefits. Our Argan Oil is cold-pressed from non-roasted organic kernels in Morocco, for extra-rich, skin-loving fatty acids, Vitamin E and antioxidants.
    Found in: Marrakech Rich, Sahara Silk, Marrakech Light



    Arginine is a powerhouse amino acid with the ability to hydrate, repair, and protect the skin in one skin-soothing ingredient, resulting in softer, smoother, deeply hydrated skin, quenched with moisture.

    Found in: Oasis Splash

  • Balanites Roxburghii seed (Desert Date) oil

    High in fatty acids and antioxidants, it is known for its dry yet nourishing touch and fast absorption.

    Found in: Marrakech RichMarrakech Light


    Benzyl alcohol

    A gentle preservative naturally found in fruits and teas.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure


    Benzyl benzoate

    A fragrant solvent with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Marrakech Light 



    A skin-conditioning pigment with a red, orange, or yellow color. The skin absorbs Beta-carotene and converts it into Vitamin A (retinol).
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Benzyl cinnamate

    A gentle perfume which adds a pleasant fragrance to your skincare product.

    Found in: Marrakech Light 


    BHA – Beta Hydroxy Acid

    Beta Hydroxy Acids are unique in nature due to their oil-soluble composition. While AHA’s and PHA’s are water soluble, BHA’s are oil soluble and therefore can penetrate through sebum filled, congested skin, exfoliating within the pores for clearer looking skin.

    Found in: Kasbah Stars



    An active component of Chamomile which works as an anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredient.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Butylene Glycol

    A solvent which enhances the penetration of other skincare ingredients, as well as being an effective humectant and slip agent.
    Found in: Atlas Pure, Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight

  • Calendula officinalis flower extract

    A natural extract from Calendula or Marigold plants. It has soothing and antioxidant properties as well as being effective in the healing of the skin.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Caprylic/capric triglyceride

    An emollient which comes from coconut oil and glycerin, helping in smooth and supple skin texture.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure, Medina Dew


    Caprylyl glycol

    An ingredient which boosts the effectiveness of preservatives, while giving the skin a soft texture.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight



    A brown colorant.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Centella asiatica leaf extract

    A natural extract which works to sooth and calm the skin, as well as being an effective antioxidant and humectant.
    Found in: Atlas Pure



    Helps to form emulsions and decrease the thickness of skincare products.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Cetearyl alcohol

    A fatty alcohol which is non-drying and non-irritating and gives the skin a soft feeling.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Chamomilla recutita (Matricaria) extract

    An extract from the Chamomile plant with helps to soothe, calm, and nourish the skin.

    Found in: Sahara Silk



    A preservative ingredient with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    CI 17200 (Red 33)

    A pigment that adds a purple-red color to a product
    Found in: Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight


    CI 19140 (Yellow 5)

    A common colorant with a yellow tone.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    CI 42090 (Blue 1)

    A common pigment used to add a blue color to skincare products.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight


    CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide)

    A white pigment with even color tone.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Citric acid

    Derived from citrus fruits, citric acid is Alpha-Hydroxy Acid. It is a chemical exfoliant which helps to lift dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure, Medina Dew



    A common fragrant ingredient with a gentle rose scent.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter orange) flower oil

    An essential oil derived from the flowers of the butter orange fruit with a sweet fragrance.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Kasbah Moonlight


    Citrus aurantium amara (Bitter orange) flower water

    A water derived from the flowers of the bitter orange fruit, which has a pleasant, sweet scent and helps to tone the skin and provide relaxation
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Cocos nucifera (Coconut) oil

    Commonly used as an emollient or an occlusive, coconut oil helps to repair the skin barrier and has antibacterial and antiviral properties.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh



    A gentle fragrance with a sweet, nutty scent.

    Found in: Marrakech Light


    Crambe abyssinica seed oil

    Native to the sun-drenched windy open African highlands, this cold-pressed natural oil, rich in omegas 6 and 9, nourishes, hydrates and protects the skin without any greasy after-feel.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich, Marrakech Light

  • Daucus carota sativa (Carrot) root extract

    Derived carrots, this is an oil-soluble extract which contains beta-carotene. Has antioxidant and skin-regenerative abilities.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Daucus carota sativa (Carrot) seed oil

    An oil derived from carrot seeds with emollient properties.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Dehydroacetic acid

    A preservative that is effective against fungi
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure


    Dicaprylyl carbonate

    A clear oil which works as an emollient and leaves the skin with a velvety dry feeling.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight



    A common silicone and polymer molecule which creates a protective barrier for the skin. It fills in fine lines and wrinkles, giving the skin a plump look and smooth texture.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Dimethicone/PEG-10/15 crosspolymer

    An emulsifier which helps water to combine with silicone oils.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Dimethicone/vinyl dimethicone crosspolymer

    A white silicone powder which gives products a silky and powdery feel, as well as having absorption properties for oil and sebum.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Dipropylene glycol

    A clear solvent which works to decrease the viscosity of skincare products. Additionally, it has many moisturizing properties.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Disodium phosphate

    An emulsifier and bufferer with anticorrosive properties.
    Found in: Medina Dew

  • Escin

    Extracted from horse chestnuts, Escin is a skin soothing ingredient.
    Found in: Atlas Pure



    A botanical alternative to DHA that reacts with proteins in the skin’s surface to gradually build colour on the skin, leaving a natural looking, bronze tint on the skin.

    Found in: Ourika Sun 



    Boosts the effectiveness of the preservative, phenoxyethanol, as well as being an effective emollient. 

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Atlas Pure, Kasbah Moonlight

  • Farnesol

    A fragrancing ingredient with a light sweet and floral scent, commonly extracted from plants such as neroli, ylang-ylang, and tuberose.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight

  • Geraniol

    A common fragrant ingredient with a gentle rose scent, commonly found in geranium and lemon. 
    Found in: Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight



    Gluconolactone is a dual-purpose Poly Hydroxy Acid that gently exfoliates the skin’s surface while working as a water magnet to draw moisture into the skin during the exfoliation process, resulting in soft, smooth, hydrated skin that doesn’t feel irritated.

    Found in: Kasbah Stars



    Known for its moisture boosting, humectant properties, Glycerin provides lasting moisture throughout the day, drawing hydration deep within the upper layers of the skin for plumper looking skin by morning.

    Found in:  Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure, Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight, Oasis Splash, Oasis Bright


    Glyceryl caprylate

    An all-natural ingredient with emollient and moisturizing abilities, and is an effective antimicrobial.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Glyceryl Stearate

    The attachment of a glycerin molecule to a fatty acid called stearic acid, which works as an effective emollient. Acts as a lubricant and gives the skin a soft and smooth appearance.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Glyceryl Stearate SE

    An emulsifier made from vegetable glycerin and stearic acid, as well as sodium stearate or potassium stearate present as the emulsifying element. Used to aid in the combination of oil and water and improve the texture of skincare products.

    Found in: Sahara Silk

  • Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) seed oil

    This emollient plant oil helps decrease transepidermal water loss, and improves overall skin hydration and elasticity.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh



    A non-comedogenic, emollient that helps reduce water loss and soothe the skin’s surface, calming redness for an instantly, refreshed glow.
    Found in: Oasis Bright


    Hibiscus Flower Extract

    Hibiscus Flower Extract is another multi-tasking luminosity and hydration boosting ingredient with the ability to help balance moisture levels in the skin, helping to maintain the skin’s softness for plumper-looking skin. 

    Found in: Oasis Splash


    Hyaluronic Acid

    This industry gold standard of hydration can hold up to 1000 times its own weight in water, helping to replenish moisture levels throughout the day and bind moisture to the skin for fresh hydration and a dewy glow that lasts all day.

    Found in: Oasis Veil, Medina Dew


    Hydrogenated ethylhexyl olivate

    A natural chemical compound (“ester”) of skin-conditioning fatty acids derived from olive oil. An alternative to silicones; light like oil with a dry after feel.

    Found in: Marrakech Light


    Hydrogenated olive oil unsaponifiables

    An emollient ingredient derived from olive oil which conditions the skin 

    Found in: Marrakech Light


    Hydrolyzed yeast protein

    A skin conditioning ingredient derived from yeast via hydrolysis.
    Found in: Atlas Pure



    A chemical compound which works to preserve formulas as well as having antioxidant and soothing properties.
    Found in Atlas Pure, Medina Dew


    Hydroxyethyl acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer

    A polymer molecule that works to emulsify and stabilize oils into water-based products.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight

  • Illite

    A clay mineral which works as a physical exfoliant and mattifying ingredient. Illite leaves the skin smooth and balanced.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Iris florentina root extract

    An extract from iris plant roots with soothing and protective properties.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight

  • N/A
  • Kaolin

    A bentonite clay which helps to draw out excess sebum and impurities from the skin's surface. Also provides gentle exfoliation.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Atlas Pure

  • Lactic Acid

    Lactic Acid works together with Glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin but also has an impressive hydrating and plumping ability that gives the skin a soft looking, star lit glow.

    Found in: Kasbah Stars


    Lactobacillus/punica granatum fruit ferment extract

    An enzyme from pomegranates that's obtained through fermentation. Increases cell renewal and can be used as a chemical exfoliant.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Leuconostoc/Radish root ferment lysate filtrate

    An ingredient derived from fermented radish root which aids in skin conditioning.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Limnanthes alba (Meadowfoam) seed oil

    A non-fragrant plant oil which acts as an emollient and has high concentrations of skin-softening stable fatty acids. Also can increase the skin's antioxidant defenses, offset the negative impacts of UVB light exposure, and enhance the penetration of other skincare ingredients.
    Found in: Marrakech LightMarrakech Rich



    A common fragrance found in plants such as rosemary, eucalyptus, and lemongrass with a fresh pleasant scent.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure, Kasbah Moonlight



    A common fragrance ingredients, found in multiple natural plants such as lavender, jasmine, and geranium.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh, Kasbah Moonlight


    Lotus japonicus somatic embryo extract

    A plant-derived antioxidant ingredient with skin soothing properties.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight

  • Mentha piperita (Peppermint) leaf water

    A skin conditioning water derived from peppermint leaf with antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil

    A perfuming ingredient derived from peppermint with refreshing and cooling properties and a fresh scent.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Moroccan lava clay

    A mineral clay which draws-out toxins and impurities from the skin and helps to gently exfoliate, improving skin texture, reducing dryness, and clarifying the skin.

    Found in: Sahara Silk

  • Niacinamide

    Derived from Vitamin B3, Niacinamide has multiple skincare benefits such as being anti-aging, skin clarifying, and anti-inflammatory. Often used to treat acne and rosacea.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh

  • Oligopeptide INCI name: Hydrolyzed Rice Protein

    Low molecular weight oligopeptide derived from rice pure protein that helps boost collagen production in the skin, giving the skin a visibly plumper-looking and bouncy appearance.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich


    Opuntia ficus-indica callus culture extract

    The extract of a culture of the callus of fig fruit, which works as an antioxidant and humectant.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Opuntia ficus-indica seed (Prickly Pear) oil

    Also known as prickly pear oil, this is an emollient plant oil derived from cactus seeds. This rare oil contains Vitamins A and E and fatty acids which are barrier-repairing, nourishing, and rich in antioxidants. Its light skin feeling absorbs easily giving the skin a velvety-soft texture.
    Found in: Sahara SilkMarrakech LightMarrakech Rich


    Opuntia ficus-indica stem extract

    An extract derived from a cactus called Prickly Pear. Has several soothing and hydrating properties for the skin.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Orange Flower Water

    This ingredient is not just a sensorial standout but also provides a refreshing burst of hydration onto the skin’s surface whilst helping to soothe and calm the skin.

    Found in: Oasis Veil


    Oryza sativa bran wax

    A wax obtained from rice bran which aids in skin conditioning.

    Found in: Sahara Silk

  • Panthenol

    A soothing humectant which moisturizes the skin by attracting water and retaining it. Also aids in the production of lipids.
    Found in: Atlas Pure, Medina Dew


    Parfum [Fragrance]

    Added to provide a pleasant fragrant experience to your skincare products.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Marrakech Light, Medina Dew


    PEG-10 dimethicone

    A silicone emulsifier which helps to combine water and silicone oils.
    Found in: Medina Dew



    A water-soluble and water-binding clear, colorless liquid which is used as a solubilizer and viscosity control agent.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Pentylene glycol

    An emulsion stabilizer and solvent with antimicrobial factors. It is also a moisturizer which leaves the skin feeling silky smooth.
    Found in: Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight


    PHA – Poly Hydroxy Acid

    PHAs are a class of chemical exfoliants with much larger molecule sizes vs AHAs and BHAs along with humectant and skin repairing benefits, allowing them to work exclusively on the surface, without disrupting the skin’s protective barrier.

    Found in: Kasbah Stars



    A safe and gentle preservative commonly found in green tea.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Atlas Pure



    A fatty acid naturally found in the skin’s outermost layer. Similarly, to Ceramides, Fatty acids like Phytosphingosine help boost the skin’s barrier function and trigger the skin’s natural moisturising factors.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich


    Polysorbate 20

    A surfactant and emulsifying ingredient which increases the solubility of other ingredients.

    Found in: Sahara Silk


    Polysorbate 60

    An emulsifier which helps to combine water and oil
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight


    Potassium sorbate

    A preservative that works against mold and yeast.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Prickly Pear Extract

    AKA Opuntia Ficus-indica Stem Extract

    This rare plant extract, made from Prickly Pear leaves, is a hero ingredient for its unique ability to deliver protective antioxidant and soothing benefits on the skin all in one powerful ingredient.

    Found in: Oasis Veil, Oasis Bright



    A solvent sustainably produced from corn sugar which can be used to improve skin moisturization and boost preservative efficacy.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Prunus Amygdalus dulcis (sweet almond) oil

    A plant oil with emolient, occlusive, and sclerosant properties. Helps improve complexion and skin tone. Contains high concentrations of fatty acids, Vitamins A, B1, B2 and B6, beta-zoosterol, squalene, and alpha-tocopherol, which all help to achieve healthy-looking skin.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Marrakech Light, Marrakech Rich


    Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) kernel oil

    Cold-pressed, high in fatty acids and Vitamins A and E, has excellent moisturising properties and helps to protect the skin from environmental aggressors.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich, Marrakech Light

  • N/A
  • Rosa canina fruit oil

    An oil derived from Rosehip seeds with high omega fatty acid content. Has antioxidant properties and helps to regenerate and repair the skin.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Rosa hybrid flower extract

    A skin conditioning tonic with extracted from rose flowers.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Ruscus aculeatus root extract

    A skin-soothing agent which helps to constrict blood vessels while increasing microcirculation, making it effective for anti-redness.
    Found in: Atlas Pure

  • Saccharide isomerate

    An all-natural moisturizer and humectant designed to keep the skin hydrated for long periods of time.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Salicornia herbacea extract

    A plant extract from a succulent called glasswort, packed with ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier and provides deep moisturization.
    Found in: Medina Dew

    Salicylic acid

    A type of BHA which serves as a chemical exfoliant, helping to clarify skin and treat blackheads and acne.
    Found in: Atlas Pure

    Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) seed oil

    A skin conditioning plant oil with a broad spectrum of nourishing fatty acids. It is an effective humectant and emollient, helping to seal in moisture and protect your skin barrier, enhancing the skin’s natural plumpness and elasticity without the heavy feel.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich, Marrakech Light


    Sodium anisate

    Derived from fennel, Sodium anisate is an antimicrobial and antibacterial ingredient 
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Sodium benzoate

    A preservative which mainly works to fight against the presence of fungi.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Sodium chloride

    Everyday salt, used to thicken the formulas of cosmetics and control the viscosity.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Sodium citrate

    A neutralizer which balances the pH of a skincare product.
    Found in: Atlas Pure, Medina Dew


    Sodium Hyaluronate

    Similar to hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate absorbs water and can bid up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it a great skin humectant.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Sodium hydroxide

    An alkaline ingredient which helps to balance the pH of skincare products.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight


    Sodium levulinate

    A skin conditioner which helps to soften the skin and has antimicrobial properties
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Sodium phosphate

    A bufferer with anticorrosive properties.
    Found in: Medina Dew


    Sorbitan caprylate

    An emulsifying ingredient which helps to thicken a formula and increase the effectiveness of preservatives.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Sorbitan isotearate

    An emulsifier which helps to combine water and oil, as well as disperse insoluble particles.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight


    Stearic Acid

    A naturally occurring multi-tasking fatty acid with emollient properties.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Sucrose laurate

    A natural emulsifier and oil thickener derived from sugar. Used as the basis for gentle and effective moisturizing cleansers.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh


    Sucrose stearate

    A natural emulsifier (helps to mix oil and water) derived from sugar.
    Found in: Oasis Fresh

  • Tetrasodium EDTA

    A stabilizing ingredient which neutralizes the metal ions in a skincare product.
    Found in: Atlas Pure



    The major fat-soluble antioxidant naturally present in our skin. It has emollient properties and provides significant photoprotection against UVB rays.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Marrakech Light, Oasis Fresh, Atlas Pure, Medina Dew, Kasbah Moonlight



    A perfuming ingredient which adds a light fragrance to products.
    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight


    A buffering agent which adjusts the pH level of skincare products.
    Found in: Atlas Pure

  • Undecane

    A plant-derived skin conditioning emollient.

    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight

  • Vegan Cholesterol

    Marrakech rich contains a vegan-form of Cholesterol, a Fatty acids that works together with Ceramides and other Fatty acids in our formula, to mimic the skin's natural lipid composition visibly improving and replenishing the skin's surface, tackling multiple signs of damage for healthier looking, deeply hydrated, undeniably luminous skin.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich


    Verbena officinalis flower/leaf extract

    A skin conditioning ingredient derived from the flowers and leaves of verbena.
    Found in: Atlas Pure


    Vitamin C – 3-o Ethyl- Ascorbic Acid

    A stable form of pure vitamin C, the do-it-all, industry standard for brighter, more even skin. Vitamin C effectively improves skin radiance, providing powerful protection against pollution, environmental damage, and even sun damage which are all key contributors of dullness on the skin, leaving the skin with a luminous glow.

    Found in: Oasis Bright


    Vitamin E

    A brightening antioxidant that protects the skin from free radicals damage and is ideal for protecting the skin while you sleep. Kasbah Moonlight, infused with Vitamin E, leaves skin looking brighter and more radiant.

    Found in: Kasbah Moonlight, Kasbah Stars


    Vitis vinifera (Grape) fruit extract

    An extract from grape fruit which is high in antioxidants as well as being a soothing, moisturizing, and nourishing agent.
    Found in: Atlas Pure

  • N/A
  • Xanthan gum

    An all-natural thickener and emulsion stabilizer produced from individual sugar molecules via fermentation.

    Found in: Sahara Silk, Medina Dew



    An effective humectant derived from two water-binding plant sugars, xylitol and glucose which works to improve skin moisturization by preventing water loss and dehydration for deep, lasting hydration.

    Found in: Marrakech Rich

  • N/A
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