Summer time Skincare

Save $20 on Your Summer Skincare

Tired of dull & dry skin during these hot summer months?

The only skincare routine built for summer time

While we all enjoy the summer and it's activities, these hot summer months can be harsh on our skin.

  • Dry & dull skin
  • Sweating through your moisturizor
  • Breakouts from extra oily skin
  • Moisturizers in the summer make your skin feel heavy

Our refreshing summer bundle gives you that must needed summer glow by flooding the skin with refreshing radiance and hydration for an instantly plump, juicy summer glow.

"This is lovely on a warm day to cool you down and refresh skin"

If you're tired of dry and dull skin, you're going to love our 3-in-1 summer bundle

...and we'd like to show you some reasons why you'll love this.

Step 1: A Powerful Yet Hydrating Cleanser

Most cleansers leave your skin feeling dry and dull. Stop stripping your skin with harsh cleansers that don't have the ingredients for clean, soft and healthy looking skin.

It's important that your daily cleanser is powerful, non-stripping, and hydrating. Oasis Fresh leaves your skin feeling clean while also giving it that much needed burst of hydration during these hot summer months.

Use first thing in the morning or right before bed.

Just a clean, soft, and glowing complexion.

Step 2: A Splash of Invigorating Hydration

Most toners today use alcohol and are not made with ingredients that promote healthy & hydrated skin. Often we think skin toners are giving our skin a boost, however, most of them are leaving our skin dry & dull.

A great toner should be alcohol-free and hydrating for instantly brighter, more even, glowing skin.

whind's Oasis Splash is alchohol-free and uses thirst-quenching amino acids and radiance boosting antioxidants to give your skin a splash of instant hydration.

Use this glow toner if you want:

✔️ More Hydrated Skin

✔️ Brighter & Glowing Skin

✔️ Less Dry & Dull Skin

Radiance refreshed and instant hydration, in a splash.

Step 3: Skin Reviving Mist

Dry & dull skin can happen at any time and it is important that we always protect and rehydrate our skin. Whether your at work or just on-the-go it is a summer lifesaver having a reviving mist in your bag.

The perfect on-the-go boost of radiance, freshness and hydration. Our hydrating mist can be used both under or over makeup as well.

Oasis Veil is an ultra-fine lightweight mist blended with encapsulated Vitamin C, glow boosting antioxidants, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid and skin soothing actives.

Weightless spray-on serum for an instant skin revival

Complete 3-Step Routine in 1 Discounted Bundle

Our ultimate 3-step summer radiance ritual; cleanse, tone and hydrate. This bundle includes a powerful cleanser, hydrating toner, and a refreshing glow mist. This 3-step routine is everything you need for a healthy looking summer glow.

Oasis Fresh - Powerful, yet non-stripping hydrating cleanser made from superstar ingredients

Oasis Splash - A 97% natural, glow-boosting toner that hydrates and illuminates, waking up radiance for instantly brighter, more even, glowing skin.

Oasis Veil - Weightless spray-on serum for an instant skin revival

Get 3 of our best summer hydrating skincare products for a discounted bundle price. Limited time only!

Real results from proven ingredients

We're tired of seeing countless skincare products with false promises and low quality ingredients. whind's combination of scientifically proven formulas and sensorial ingredients ensures superior results.

This skin-quenching glow ritual infuses brightening Vitamin C, Antioxidants and the uplifting scent of Orange Blossom that feels like a cool drink of water on a hot summer's day.

A century-old Morrocan tradition, reinvented with a potent twist.

New Customer Offer: SAVE $20

Juicy, Radiant Summer Skin


The perfect addition to any summer skincare routine, this skin-quenching routine protects the skin against dullness and external aggressors in a glow-giving gesture that feels like a cool drink of water on a hot summer's day.

✔️ Ultimate 3-step summer routine in 1 bundle
✔️ Made from real ingredients with scientifically proven results
✔️ Give your skin that much needed hydrating glow

$110 $90

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