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Beauty commandment #1: thou shalt always cleanse

By Alexandra Brousset

Cleanser is the crucial first step in any Beauty routine. We explain why when it comes to boosting your radiance, a life without cleanser is a no-glow.

Cleanser is the crucial first step in any Beauty routine. We explain why when it comes to boosting your radiance, a life without cleanser is a no-glow.

Cleanser is probably the first product that you added to your Beauty arsenal as a teen, as well as the one that you rarely neglect now – even on those nights when you’ve had a few too many glasses.

However, it’s also an inconvenient truth that dragging a face wipe across your face or splashing on some water in the shower just won’t cut it, especially if you live in a city or love to turn a look. Here’s our quick guide to why cleansing should be the absolute bedrock of your Beauty routine.


Most Beauty experts agree that you should be making the time to cleanse your face twice a day – once in the AM, and again before you hit the hay.

In the morning, cleansing plays an important role in removing any toxins, dead skin cells and excess sebum and oils that your skin may have secreted during the natural exfoliating process that takes place while you snooze.  

And it’s even more crucial to take care to properly cleanse your face in the evening, when your skin has likely spent the day battling external dirt, pollutants and make-up. City-dwellers and make-up lovers might even want to check out the concept of the “double cleanse”, which recommends using both an oil and water-based cleanser to remove this extra grime.

Cleansing your skin also prepares it for the regenerating process that happens overnight, giving products like overnight moisturisers and night time masks the chance to penetrate deeply, hydrate and do their thing. 


To let your natural glow shine through. Again, cleansing gets rid of bacteria, pollutants, dead skin cells, oil and dirt, unclogging your pores and keeping your complexion fresh. Your skin also naturally produces sebum to protect against environmental damage – however, if left on your skin for too long, it can merge with other dirt and residue to block follicles and cause enlarged pores, breakouts, redness and dullness.

To boost the rest of your Beauty routine. As well as causing breakouts, congested pores can stop your skin absorbing other products such as serums and moisturizers, dimming their effectiveness. Let them shine by providing a squeaky-clean base from which to work.

To hydrate to the max. Cleansing regularly with a pH-balanced jelly cleanser aids your skin in maintaining its natural microbiome, which in turn helps to keep the skin’s moisture barrier intact – enabling it to lock in moisture and keep skin plumped up, hydrated and healthy-looking.


Whether you choose an oil or water-based cleanser might depend on your skin type, but regardless, you should look for a gentle formula that won’t strip your skin of its natural radiance, nor feel too heavy or greasy. Lightweight jelly or milky formulas will add a touch of luxury to your Beauty routine and help you feel extra hydrated. 

Once you have your favorite cleanser on lock, you should massage it into your face for at least a minute or more to give the active ingredients time to work. Don’t scrub too aggressively, and rinse with lukewarm rather than piping hot water. 

And a word about make-up wipes...yes, they’re convenient, but they’re unlikely to effectively get rid of all the excess make-up and dirt on your face. We’ll give you a free pass on those nights when you’ve been partying a little too hard...but the rest of time, don’t do it!

For a powerful yet non-stripping cleansing experience try Oasis Fresh, our Dissolving Jelly Cleanser, for a clean, soft and glowing complexion.

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